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Wednesday, Sept 26th | 9am-9pm

Ticket Required
9am | 24 Hour Volunteer Presale
10am |12 Hour Volunteer Presale
11am | 8 Hour Volunteer Presale
12pm | 4 Hour Volunteer Presale
1pm | Consignor  Presale

Volunteer or consign with us to shop early too!           

​$10 Admission (Adults 18 and Over)  GET YOUR TICKETS                                                      

6pm | First-time Parents & Grandparents (TICKETS), Foster/Adoptive Parents (TICKETS), Parents of Mulitples (TICKETS), Military Families (TICKETS), and Teachers Presale (TICKETS)

Thursday, Sept 27th | 9am-8pm | Open to the Public
​$2 Admission at the door or get Your FREE admission ticket HERE!

Friday, Sept 28th | 9am-8pm | Open to the Public

~ Restocked with more great items!
Free Admission

Saturday, Sept 29th | 9am-5pm | Open to the Public
Free Admission

Saturday, Sept 29th | 6pm-9pm | 50% Off Presale ~ Ticket Required             

$10 Admission  (Adults 18 & Over) GET YOUR TICKETS HERE!

Sunday, Sept 30th | 9am-5pm | Open to the Public | 50% Off Sale

Free Admission
Items without stars will be 50% off today.

**Next Event ~ Winter/Holiday Sale Nov 8-10th.**

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Overland Park Convention Center

6000 College Blvd, Overland Park, KS 66211

Map Available Here


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Angela D

October 31, 2018

"Well organized, high traffic "

Paula W

October 27, 2018

"It is not easy and takes A LOT of work on the back side tagging and getting items ready to sell, but it is SO worth it on the front side being able to drop stuff off and wait and watch for it to sell. Placing the items out on the floor is also work, but you have control of where it goes and have an idea of where to look for it if you stop-in during the sale. I have stopped in during the sale and realized a tag was torn off indicating the item was “sold” or an item was separated from the item and needed to be repriced. The JBF staff was amazing to help me with this and to get the items sold. In the end, you don’t have to worry about cleaning out your garage and taking tour time to have a sale at home. You get to sell your items you are not necessarily ready to donate and get money back in return for them. It’s win win!!!"

Kim L

October 25, 2018

You can tell that you have been doing this for a while. Everything from drop off to pick up is very well planned out. This was my first time consigning and I was concerned about how difficult a process this would be. But I was very pleasantly surprised. Already planning to take part in the sale next Spring !!!

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Stephanie Hyder
Call/Text: 816.825.2295

As a mom, I get it! Raising kids on a budget is tough…not to mention they grow out of things so fast!

That’s why we created JBF.  We help local families sell the items their kids no longer use and shop safely to re-stock their closets each season at a fraction of what it would cost paying retail.
It’s a win-win and why I love JBF…I know you will too!