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Every sale benefits our local charity partner, Johnson County Christmas Bureau

Thanks to our very generous sellers who choose to donate their unsold items, we are able to help the Johnson County Christmas Bureau with essentials their clients need multiple times each year. 

Johnson County Christmas Bureau provides warmth and support, during the winter holiday season, to low-income Johnson County, Kansas families. They serve between 10,000 and 12,000 low-income neighbors each year.

Donated items go directly to their Holiday Shop during the month of December. At the Holiday Shop pre-qualified clients shop by appointment. All clients are below 150% of the poverty level and reside in Johnson County, Kansas. Each client visiting the holiday shop has the dignity of selecting their own merchandise, is personally escorted through the shop by a volunteer and receives all of the following:

  • groceries – enough for 2 to 3 days of fully balanced meals
  • personal care items (items such as laundry detergent soap, shampoo, diapers, toilet paper, hygiene products, toothbrushes and much more)
  • holiday gifts – a gift for each member of the household (often it is the only holiday gift a child receives)
  • books – a large selection of books for all ages
  • children/teen clothing for children and teens, ages 0 – 17
  • hats, gloves, and scarves – one of each for every child/teenager in the household
  • coats - Every client who needs a warm winter coat receives a coat.

Johnson County Christmas Bureau


Items donated last sale:

Have you thought about donating?

We highly recommend donating your items each sale—why? We have found that those who choose to reduce items for the half-price sale and also donate unsold items tend to price to sell. That means more items are likely to sell due to the great value shoppers receive during the half-price sale. And if items do not sell, they are donated to the Johnson County Christmas Bureau. So no matter what, everyone wins!

Why do sellers donate? Here's what they say.

"I love helping. That's why."

I love that all these items go to help other families. They have plenty of good life left in them so to know they are going to be given to others who can love and use them makes me happy.

• Serina J, JBF Seller, Giver and grandmom of 6

"All the resources stay right here."

I love to donate because items and resources stay right here in our community. They're not shipped off somewhere and sold for scrap. They go to help our neighbors and that's why I like to donate.

• Jordan M, JBF Seller, Giver and dad of 2

"I have kids. I get it."

I realize that we ALL need help from time to time. To think that items my kids have loved can help someone else's littles makes it all worth it. I love to sell my things, sure. BUT knowing that no matter what I'm helping families—that's a great feeling.

• Leslie R, JBF Seller, Giver and mom of 4

"It makes me clean up. I need the nudge."

Full confession—I'm not good at going through the kids' closets to clear stuff out. Each sale season, though, I've developed the practice of going through the closets to sell and then donate if items don't sell. JBF helps to keep me from becoming THAT mom. :)

• Jeanice G, JBF Seller, Giver and mom of 1

Do you have items you'd like to sell...and then perhaps donate?

Join the thousands of local families who are part of our selling/donating family every sale! You can sell your items which ALSO helps others in our communities as they can find great items at amazing prices. And, you can then choose to donate any unsold items at the close of each sale. Those items go directly to Johnson County Christmas Bureau who will pick them up and distribute them at their Holiday Shop.

So all you have to do is sign up, prep your items and then drop them off—that's it!

We'll do the rest!